Amy began her career on the Central Coast of California. Decorative painting fostered an interest in interior design and Amy opted for a return to school. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design from the Art Institute in addition to her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Mixed Media Art from A.S.U. .

Amy’s work on several published and award winning projects has been primarily in Aspen and Crested Butte, Colorado. Now, with more than twelve years of residential and commercial design experience, she has brought her talents to Durango.  

Amy is certified by the National Council of Interior Design Qualification. She served on the historic preservation and zoning committee in Crested Butte, Colorado and has an appreciation for historic preservation, and the history of surroundings.

According to Amy, “the juxtaposition of creative and analytical aspects involved in the design process keeps it interesting and challenging. There are few careers that marry the two so well.”

Amy loves her job; there are so many great materials to be used creatively. She enjoys designing beautiful and functional spaces. She relishes taking her clients’ initial concepts and working to develop that vision into a result that incorporates lifestyle, budget, and aesthetic.

With a personal taste for the contemporary complementing what she’s learned from working with a more rustic clientele, Amy is nothing if not versatile. Her understanding of what each job really entails and a professional ethic toward communication lifts that versatility to a place of deliberate aesthetic- created just right, for just that client.


Image Courtesy of Anne Grice Interiors